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Engage with your customers if you want to prosper

If you want to prosper in business during these tougher economic times then now is the time to start engaging your customers.

Customer engagement is all about engaging your customers with your company or brand and it can lead to increased order values, customer loyalty and word of mouth recommendation.

Introduction – Marketing Effectively

Marketing and advertising are often the first budgets to be cut when fears start to emerge over the state of the economy. However, as seen with Coke and Nike during the last recession, putting more into these budgets can reap massive rewards.

The Rise of the Blog

Although everybody hears the terms ‘blog’, ‘blogging’ and ‘weblogs’ on a regular basis nowadays many businesses are yet to discover the potential of them. They are often mistaken to be the personal diaries of adolescents or someone’s ramblings about the weather; however, as a business tool they can be an effective way of communicating with customers or potential customers on a more personal or direct level.


Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ tool designed to allow people or businesses to post small chunks of information to a group of subscribers on a regular basis.

A free of charge service, Twitter allows you to keep customers or other interested parties abreast of information from you with options for them to respond online or via their mobile phone.

The best free software, online apps and lists on the Web 2.0.

There has never been a better time to explore the many free applications, software, online services and networks available on the web. With many companies, organisations and individuals generating new content all the time it is worth taking the time to see how each may improve the way you do business, research or networking online. […]