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Facebook Shows 172% Year on Year Growth in UK

Recent figures published by Hitwise in the US show that Facebook is still dominating the UK Social Networking Market with a market share of 45.29% for June 2008 compared to Bebo with 25.04% and MySpace with 14.75%.

August 7th, 2008 and filed in Social Networking, Web 2.0

Social Networks

When we first started to hear about Bebo, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIN and all the other social networking sites, it was easy to write them off as just another fad that would soon die away. However, just a few months later it seems as though everybody is using them.

Understanding how these networks can be of use to your business is still only just becoming clear, but we’ve done our best to highlight some of the ways the biggest, Facebook, can help you and your business.

July 23rd, 2008 and filed in Uncategorized, Web Guide: How to Survive a Recession...