Toby Parkins

Toby has a flair for digital business. He was founder and managing director of UKNetWeb and founding director of Headforwards. Toby combines technical knowledge with a highly driven, commercial perspective to produce the latest approach to a range of business activities.

Toby has vision and he has energy. He is founder of the Agile on the Beach conference and the Cornwall Digital Meetup Group as well as being President of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.

Toby has a programming mind and an eye for commerce. He is responsible for concept development, top-level project management, strategic consultancy and development.

In 1999, UKNetWeb was Toby’s brainchild and they have both grown steadily ever since. This growth allowed Toby to identify a gap in the the market for onshore-offshore expert development teams, which led to the birth of the fast-growing Headforwards in 2011.