Automate Processes

With modern technology there are many ways that businesses can improve efficiency through automation of standard processes. Some processes are more complex than others but by sitting down and thrashing out what is involved in each series of processes, and the standard elements of them, it is often possible to automate parts or all of the process.

If you don’t know where to start consider the ISO 9001 process as a possibility. The process of acquiring ISO 9001 accredited status forces a business to take stock of internal processes, setting down on paper each process for use by anyone in the organisation.

Once you have your processes on paper look at how you could go about automating them. It may be that you could put in place technology to handle the process or processes for you, freeing up valuable time spent doing routine tasks.

At the most simplest end this could be using a mail merge to send out customer invoices, and at the other, it could involve bespoke programming added to the back of your website, handling all supplier and customer relationships.

As an example, one client of UKNetWeb had an e-commerce store with over 25,000 products from 150 different suppliers. They regularly spent six days a week on processing orders and dealing with suppliers. After analysing the processes and developing a custom back-end system we were able to reduce the six days down to one.

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