Always Look on the Bright Side of Life…

The last few weeks has seen a barrage of negative stories dominating the news channels around the globe.

No one can argue that the outlook is a little bleak in some quarters; however, as we hope to show you, there are still some positive rays of hope out there getting lost amongst all the talk of economic downturn and recession.

1. The Myth of Record Debt

Michael Blastland published a great report on the BBC Magazine this week which showed that all this talk of ‘Record Debt’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Looking at the figures, Michael puts across a convincing argument (complete with statistics and graphs) which shows that although national debt (here and in the US) is bad, it is not nearly as bad as we might think from the media.

Read the full article here

2. Holiday Ecommerce Spending to be Only 12% Up on Last Year

US sites are already highlighting figures from leading researchers, Forrester, which show that ecommerce sales are likely to increase by just 12% this year! Yes, that’s an increase of 12%. However, this is still reported as a negative against previous sales increases of 20% year on year. Let’s face it though, an increase is an increase – and far better than a fall. (Bad luck – high street)

Read the full article here

3. Savvy Companies still making Profits.

In the past two weeks we have seen a couple of companies posting recession busting profits.

J Sainsburys were first to report their 13.3% hike in half-year profits mid last week.

This week has seen Mothercare reporting a 94% rise in their pre-tax profits – now standing at £9.6m for the six months to October. The group says that international expansion and online sales have helped drive profits.

4. Retails Sales Fall by Less than Expected 0.1% During October

Just in case you failed to catch this story during the week we’d like to highlight that despite all the talk of cash strapped consumers, retail sales fell by just 0.1% during October – much less than the expected 0.9%

Read full story here.

If you’re still left feeling down after these four items we can only suggest that you continue down to our last positive piece for today.

5. Monthy Python Launch You Tube Channel

This week saw the launch of the Monty Python You Tube channel. Packed with all their best clips, this new channel can’t fail to raise your spirits.

Just in case you need proof we have embedded a clip of the memorable song,  ‘Always look on the Bright Side of Life’,  to remind you just how you should be looking at things.

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