VAT Change: Important Information for Website Owners

As you will have heard in yesterday’s pre-budget report, VAT will be reduced from the present rate of 17.5% to 15%, from Monday 1st December until the end of next year.

In making this move there will be many website owners, particularly those with ecommerce websites, who may need to have changes made to their website to bring the new VAT rate into action.

This change should be simple in the case of many sites; however, there will be sites where this is not the case.

VAT has stood at the present rate of 17.5% since before the first ecommerce websites were built and as such it is very likely that some website developers may have coded the VAT rate in a way that makes it difficult to change.

In the case of non ecommerce sites it may be that you reference prices on your site with VAT included or shown. Like ecommerce sites, these prices may need to be changed and should you not be able to make these changes within your website content management system (CMS) you will need your developer to help.

Where you are unsure of what changes need to be made we can perform a full site assessment and report back on what needs to be changed. Should you know the changes required we can take the details and perform the changes required.

At UKNetWeb, we have a technically focused web design and development team who can perform all the necessary VAT changes to your site.

Please give us a call to see how we can help you ensure you are prepared for the Monday VAT change. Call and speak to Aren on 01872 555933 or email for more information. Prices start from £75.

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