Social Media Taster Course Homework Winner

We are pleased to announce that the prize for the best homework set at the first Social Media Taster Course goes to Faye Treffry of Poppy Treffry.

Faye wins the prize against stiff competition from other course delegates who demonstrated great enthusiasm in their entries.

The reasons Faye has won the prize are as follows:

We were immediately impressed with Poppy Treffy’s efforts to establish a community around the company and its products. The Facebook page, which was clearly created the day after the course, already boasts 90 fans and a range of content.

The content of the page has a good balance of company created and user generated content. Status updates shown on the wall are personal and engaging whilst business focused. Links to products and further information are regularly included.

Efforts to engage users in conversation have been initiated with a couple of discussions appearing on the discussion board and requests for users (fans) to add their own photos or videos to the collections.

A mixture of different content has been utilised with photos, video, links and text, all forming key elements of the page.

In their entry on the UKNetWeb wall, Faye has clearly detailed further plans to integrate their Facebook and Twitter campaigns, showing a staged development plan is in place. This is important as trying to do everything at once can mean that businesses risk spreading themselves too thin to truly engage with their audience.

Like their Facebook page, the Poppy Treffry Twitter account shows high levels of interaction with their community. There are regular exchanges of ideas and requests for feedback, once again showing their focus on engagement. Many Tweets feature a link back to the main site, driving traffic towards the ecommerce site.

The ongoing monitoring of Google Analytics (referenced in their entry) shows that they are keeping track of the results, demonstrating a focus on the business results.

Thank you once again to all who entered. We hope that you will see the benefits from your activity despite missing out on the initial prize of the champagne. Please continue to keep us informed on your progress through the UKNetWeb Facebook Page, Twitter accounts (@UKNetWeb, @TobyParkins, @ArenGrimshaw) or UKNetWeb Blog (

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