Augeo Launch Announced

After several years of development and implementation UKNetWeb are pleased to announce the launch of their Augeo Ecommerce System.

“No it can’t do that. No it can’t do that. No it can’t do that” is too often heard when discussion about how to improve a website. Augeo is a framework allowing customized functionality to be incorporated into sites according to exact requirements.

A one size fits all approach to displaying products, presenting navigation, optimizing pages for organic search or optimizing Google product feeds simply does not work. To gain greater market share requires businesses to innovate and create bespoke websites designed specifically around their customers needs.

“There are lots of off-the-shelf ecommerce systems available for online shops and many are very suitable for basic shops or start up businesses. Augeo is designed for online businesses that aspire to grow or have already out grown their existing ecommerce shopping systems.”

The launch will occur on 20th July 2010 at 5000ft above Cornwall in a chartered aeroplane.

“Cornwall is a great place to launch this solution because of its expected European investment in next generation fibre-optic broadband allowing speeds up to 100Mbps. This development is seen as vital for businesses who are aiming as high as we are.” said Toby Parkins, Director of UKNetWeb.

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