Heatmapping – optimise your sites usability and conversion rate

Your website is, arguably, your most valuable marketing asset these days. Much time and resources may have gone in to creating a digital presence which represents your brand and its associated services and products.

An issue often faced is, however, how do you tell whether or not your potential customers are fully engaging with your content? Is there a way of knowing what routes they are taking to buy your products? Can you make the site easier for them to navigate?Are there any dead spots or dead pages on your site?

Traditional tools, such as Google Analytics, perform well in providing a huge array of metrics about page visits, bounce rates conversion rates and so on.  The only limiting factor with Analytics is that it does not provide an easy visual and easy to interpret user analysis.

Website heatmapping is a useful tool for identifying weak spots in your website, it’s design, function and usability. Heatmapping shows where visitors click their cursor on desktop devices and where they tap their finger on mobile and tablet devices.  The more clicks and taps in an area, the more the colour around that area changes as if looking through a thermal imaging camera.

Our brains are more able to identify with this colour overlay than seeing the page overlaid with metrics such as percentage clicks or page visits.

We can quickly interpret such issues as whether visitors:

  • Click on elements that aren’t links.
  • Are being distracted from clicking on calls to action.
  • May be looking for information on your site which is missing.
  • Realise there is more content further down the page.
  • Are being provided with the best experience on all devices, desktop, tablet or mobile.

To fully optimise your users experience and engagement and therefore to boost product sales or other forms of visitor conversion installing a heatmap tool is a necessity.

UKNetWeb is happy to provide this service, to install heatmap tracking and to either let you analyse the results yourself, or help guide analysis and recommendations for you.

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