Website Optimisation Seminar – January 2016

Today we held our first seminar of the year at UKNetWeb. Led by Toby Parkins, the focus was on Website Optimisation and the use of heatmaps to help increase conversions.

Heatmapping is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal when analysing the behaviour of visitors to your site. It is hard to be objective and successfully guess what users do when on your site. Heatmapping allows you to see where they’re clicking, or touching the screen, and at what point you may lose them.

Being able to see this behaviour means you can start to consider changes to your site. Changes which will improve the user experience, and increase sales and conversions. (You can read more about heatmapping and see an example of it on our earlier blog post.)

Attendees were from a variety of Cornish businesses. Not only current clients of UKNetWeb, but also past colleagues and other members of the business community.  Everyone came away keen to take action from what they learnt.

Comments from attendees

“A really interesting introduction to heatmapping – what to look out for and how to use it as a valuable web maintenance tool.” – Emma Lydon, PFA Research

“A highly informative seminar, will definitely put heatmapping to use!” – Brian Hart, Moonlife

“Extremely useful seminar that was informative, engaging & thought provoking about our current digital marketing activity” – David Callaghan, TRAC Services


If you missed out on today’s seminar, all is not lost! High levels of interest mean we will be repeating the seminar next month.

Sign up here and you can join us on the 5th of February to learn all about heatmapping and it’s use in website optimisation.

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