Mob Programming at Software Cornwall’s Business Connect Event

Yesterday the UKNetWeb team attended Software Cornwall’s first Business Connect Event at Pool Innovation Centre.

The event, run in collaboration with Tech Southwest, was a fantastic showcase of the high caliber businesses and individuals working in the tech sector here in Cornwall. Over 140 people had booked to attend!

A combination of stands from various businesses, talks and break-out workshops made for a great afternoon of networking, knowledge sharing, learning and of course biscuit eating!

In between the main talks there were 3 workshops, all of which had great attendance. ‘Find your voice’, led by David McGuire and Fiona Campbell of Radix Communications, ‘Design a degree 2.0’, by Toby Parkins and Lyssa-Fee Crump from Headforwards, and ‘Mob Programming’, run by two of our team; Joe and Andy.

Mob Programming : A whole team approach

Mob programming is an approach to software development where the whole team is working on the same thing, at the same time. This is something we give great value to here at UKNetWeb. Every Friday we have a mob programming session – fueled by pizza! You can read more about the idea behind that here.

Here’s Andy’s take on how the workshop went.

We’re not certified mob programming professional coaches (I’m sure you can get a certificate in Mob Programming) – so we talked about how we went from Mob Programming being a fanciful idea, to getting a foot in the door with “Mob Fridays”.

We then went on to recreate one of our Mob Fridays (even though it was only Thursday) around a Scratch based Hide and Seek game.

In the space of about 10 minutes there was a good flow going, and by the end of the session pretty much everyone in the room had been involved in the task of improving the game.

What was great for us, was to see a bunch of strangers, some programmers – some not, who usually program in a variety different languages, working as a team. They managed to solve 6 out of 8 Gobo tasks (Gobo is the star of the game) in the backlog. It really validates the value of the practice.

Thank you to Software Cornwall, and especially Lyssa-Fee Crump, for organising such a fantastic and inspiring event.

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