Exciting changes for UKNetWeb

Over the next few months, there are exciting changes for  UKNetWeb and the whole team is  looking forward to the future.

Toby Parkins, director of UKNetWeb and Headforwards, explains the changes below:

I’m pleased to announce that UKNetWeb Ltd will be merging with Headforwards Solutions Ltd over the next 3 months.
Very little change will happen to the type of work the UKNetWeb team do currently, but by becoming the new Headforwards Special Projects Division the team will be able to expand on their current offering. They will also experience further professional development and career satisfaction by working alongside other Headforwards developers, which will lead to them creating more amazing software.

In the past 5 years since Headforwards started it has grown significantly by mainly focusing on larger scale outsource software development.
Earlier this month it decided to offer shorter scale project development services. As these sorts of projects are identical to the work UKNetWeb is currently doing it made perfect sense to simply merge the team across.

At this point I spoke individually to each member of the team and then held a collective discussion and tour of the Headforwards main offices at Pool Innovation Centre. The decision to either remain separate, or to merge, was offered to the team. They considered this and unanimously supported the merging option.

What does this mean? The team will carry on working on all projects as before.
There may also be some further team expansion in the next few months to increase capacity as needed. The current Headforwards teams are dedicated to existing clients so whilst we won’t be switching people within teams, we are currently recruiting 42 more people.
This will mean we have the largest range of jobs of any company in the Southwest giving us the greatest opportunity to find new people to join the existing UKNetWeb team.

At some point the team may move offices as this will enable much needed renovation work to be carried out at The Engine House. This will also allow us to review infrastructure and implement some further cloud based solutions and drive forward efficiency.

The future is looking bright. Headforwards is planning to expand to over a 100 people in the next 6 months and with a larger marketing resource we’re looking forward to expanding our range of services.

Thank you for your continued support.


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