John Thornton

John was technical director at UKNetWeb and is now team lead in the Headforwards Special Projects Division. He has been writing code since the early eighties and has been an agile evangelist since 2009.

A varied career path, numerous directorships and running his own limited company have given John a deeper empathy with business owners and company management and a better understanding of their technical requirements and aspirations.

John likes dissecting technology and then putting it back together in a better way. From a technical point of view, John ‘sweeps up the bits and bobs, fills in the gaps and extends the edges’. From a management perspective, John removes obstacles, mediates and motivates and has that least common of all skills, common sense.

John sees the team creating large scale, national and international web integration projects while continuing to provide affective and affordable solutions to the local SME’s that were the seed bed of UKNetWeb’s growth.

John is, of course, the drummer in a band.